Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Business as usual!

So, it's business as usual here at Kate Daubney Illustration HQ. Things are ticking over nicely and I'm being kept nice and busy by both my agents, Advocate Art and a few other private jobs. Over the last few weeks I've finished a great book with Ladybird Books about a Cheeky Monkey that keeps causing all kinds of trouble in the jungle, two books with Octopus Publishing for their phonics series titled 'Max's Trip' and 'What Wally Wants' and a really exciting new monster book with Caterpillar which has been a hoot to work on and can't wait to show it off sometime next year. I also recently finished a cute little book for a company quite local to me called Sleepytot which helps babies give up their dummies and hopefully is going to be a huge success!

Currently things are still nice and busy and I'm loving working on two lovely little books with Templar Publishing. The schedules been quite tight so I've been working hard to meet each deadline but am really pleased with how it's looking and can't wait to see the finished books in print! Other than work our summers been a bit hit and miss up to yet and I've been exchanging flip flops for wellies on a day to day basis. Taz the dog is still working on his snoring and seagull catching skills and on the odd day when the sun does come out loves nothing more than lying on his back in the sun and topping up his belly tan. It really is a dogs life!

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